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With the tap of just one button, you can turn your lights off, set your thermostat to auto mode and lock your door. It may sound too good to be true, but smart home automation makes this possible thanks to SmartRent.

SmartRent provides a way to manage access, save money, get real time activity notifications, and help the environment with energy efficient practices all from one app. Let the dog walker or cleaning company into your apartment by sending them a temporary access code from your phone. Can’t remember if you turned off your straightener or unplugged the iron? Turn them off from your app! Running the AC all day will rack up your bill quickly, and why cool a house with no one in it? Set a schedule for your thermostat to save energy and money.


  • Access Control: Control who has access to your home from the app through digital credentials and easily add or remove entry access
  • Real Time Activity Notifications: Receive immediate alerts when a guest access code is used, if a leak has been detected or if a maintenance request was completed. You’ll be able to monitor and track all activity within your home.
  • Online Resources & 24/7 Support: Support is available 24/7 via in-app chat, email or phone to answer any questions, concerns or work through any troubleshooting issues. You’ll also have access to a library of resources through our online support platform. Learn how to connect your voice assistant to the app, create schedules, add a new access code and more!
  • Scenes, Automations and Schedules: Set up scenes, automations and schedules with different smart home automation tools and allow for multi-device actions to be completed from one app. These tools include:
    • Smart Thermostats: Control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world using the app, set schedules or automate when you want it to run
    • Smart Plugs: Control your lights and small appliances with smart plugs that pair with the app to create schedules and custom scenes
    • Leak Detector: Receive real time notifications to your phone and email if a leak is detected and an automatic work order is created reassuring you it's taken care of
  • Voice Assistant Controls: Use voice commands to your choice of voice assistant to control locks, thermostats, lights and more

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